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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I buy 2 puppies to keep each other company?

A. Absolutely not !! If you do not have time at the moment to give to your pup to train and be a companion to you  then maybe you should postpone your purchase. If you have 2 babies together they will bond with each other rather than you and are they are very difficult to train.

Your second dog should  only come after your first is totally trained. i.e.He comes when called, he sits, drops, stays and he is over his digging and chewing.
Your first dog will then train your second........easy LOL !!

Q. What health issues (if any) Samoyeds have ?

A. Very few health problems. They are a naturally built dog with no exaggerations so abnormalities are few. All good breeders hip X-ray and check eyes on their breeding stock. Some also test the pups blood for correct bile acid at 8 weeks to ensure that a very rare occurrence of a liver shunt is not present.

Q. Are Samoyeds intelligent?

A. Samoyeds are extremely intelligent.  They are very willing to learn but hate repeitition once a task is mastered. You must be the boss or they will..........much better it is you.

Q. How much grooming is involved?

A. Once you have learned the technique about an hour a week with a brush and comb will keep your dog more than presentable.

Q. How often will I have to bath my Samoyed?

A. If the coat is kept groomed well about a bath about once ever 6 months should be sufficient. if the outside coat is dirty a good brush and a quick rub over with a hot, damp towel and some baby powder will bring them up white again.

Q. Do Samoyeds smell ?

A. They do not have a doggy odour.  Unlike most other dogs the only time a Samoyed will smell is if it has a dirty coat or if it is wet.  A wet Samoyed smells like a wet woollen jumper.  A healthy dog has no offensive mouth odour.

Q. How often do they shed their coat.

A.  The boys shed coat about once a year, and the girls shed about 4 months after their season.

How do I begin to describe my love for this beautiful breed ?
by Louisa Abramich

Firstly, when I decided to buy a dog, I researched many breeds very carefully. 
As I have a young child of my own (now 6) and I operate a home based Child Care Service  (catering for ages 6 months to 6 years) the right "doggy temperament" was absolutely essential. 

The character of the Samoyeds is incredible, they are gentle, loving, and loyal, and just adore to be with me, either laying at my feet, or, if they see my son Michael jumping on the trampoline they are right there with him........they are beautiful with the children, and my other animals, even our chickens! 
They are such a great family dog. They are not content to be just the family pet, they want to be a family member! 

I now have two of Fay’s Samoyeds, Mannu and Possum, neither of which I
purchased as babies. They have fitted into our home so well.

As well as being  loved family members,  I  do enjoy showing them (with great success) and plan to have fun doing Agility and Obedience  in the future.
Fay has been such a wonderful support to me, and she is always there to answer my questions and help in any way she can. 

I can say ,that if you want an absolutely beautiful dog, one with such a wonderful soul, who can be a part of your life, then a Samoyed is for you…...........and, if you have an Aldonza Samoyed you will own a beautiful, sound dog of great character, who has come from a dedicated, knowledgeable and successful breeder. I know Fay will provide ongoing, reliable and genuine support through out your journey with this very special breed.

Louisa Abramich
Mt Eliza. Victoria. 

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