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Buying a Samoyed Puppy

Buying a Puppy, next to choosing your spouse,  is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.  After all this puppy will grow into a dog who should be your constant companion for the next 10 to 15 years. 

Samoyed puppy

It is therefore important that you are compatible.  This lifespan is probably longer than you will keep a car or a house (and in some cases your spouse!!)

It is also important that you trust your breeder, knowing that they are not just "Back-Yarders" breeding for purely profit, but they are there to help you through the life of your pup.

I like to meet those interested in becoming new owners and encourage them to visit me and my dogs.

This way they can usually see the both parents in their home environment, playing in the paddocks, interacting with each other and of course amusing us humans.

They are not the right dog for everyone.

A Samoyed is an active, agile, intelligent dog, needing regular exercise.  They very much enjoy the time you spend training them.  They are born "show offs" and "clowns".   When you visit they will push each other out of the way to gain your attention,  ( don't wear your best ' Gucci ' gear ')   and do silly things to make you laugh, just like kids do.

Samoyed Puppies

It is very important to make sure that a Samoyed is the right breed for you and that you are right for them. They can be mischievious and sometimes vocal dogs that NEED to be part of your family, including sharing in what ever you are doing (gardening, playing, watching TV or on the computer  etc.)

They want nothing more than to be with you, where ever you are, especially in the house. (As I write this I have 3 Sams asleep at my feet............lovely company)

They are intelligent and willing to learn, but don't enjoy too much repetition once they have mastered a task.

Keeping a Samoyed alone in a yard is hard on this breed as they are a very social animal;  in fact all they want to be is part of your "pack'.  Alone they will get into mischief.

Aldonza Puppies are raised in my home environment and are socialised from birth with children, other dogs and my cats. Later they meet the horses and learn to chase the rabbits.

I only breed to improve my show stock, usually keeping one or two from each litter  to see if they grow into just the "perfect" show dog either for me or my partners interstate.

My breeding dogs are screened carefully for any inherited diseases (eg. hip dysplasia and eye problems) and my puppies are thoroughly vet checked, wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and registered before they leave home.

I have imported dogs and frozen semen from some of the best stock in the world to combine with my blood lines that I have developed over the past 40 plus years. Aldonza dogs have also been exported to breeders/fanciers in NZ,.UAE, USA ,UK, South Africa and Scandinavia.

Aldonza baby puppies, older puppies, and occasionally young adults or retired show dogs are available to suitable, loving, permanent homes.

Because of their loving, open, extroverted personalities,  Samoyeds do not have any problems settling into new homes.

A fully enclosed yard is essential, as they will seek company elsewhere if you are not home. Where ever they get attention, fun, love and food they are happy.

I do not sell pups for breeding purposes and they are also excluded from being on-sold or exported unless with my written consent.

There any many activities you and your dog can join in. These include Obedience, Agility, Tracking, Herding, Showing, Catwalk Modelling, Sledging, Weight Pulling, Dog Dancing...and as Therapy Dogs, all of which are fun and rewarding.

If for any reason you are not able to keep your Samoyed I do ask that he/she be returned to me.

If you are interested in owning one of my beautiful  Samoyeds please feel free to ring me - I am more than happy to spend time discussing their many virtues.

Sleeping Samoyed Puppies

What is a Backyard Breeder?

Probably the best definition I have found so far to answer " What is a back yard breeder? " is ..."The average pet owner that breeds their dog(s)".

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Buying a Samoyed puppy

My husband and I were lucky enough to buy a puppy from Fay's very first litter.

To me, Fay is known as Mother Tucker for she is so passionate about her Sams and so devoted to both her puppies and their owners.

Samoyeds have their own special place in my life as great companions and very loyal pals. Our two children were raised with Sams, we had to get our puppy first and then have a family.

Over 40 odd years I had some fantastic dogs from Fay, each with their own individual personalities.

Strika was a dog who loved to drag my ugg boots outside on the frosty lawn and watch me, with that smile on her face, as I walked outside in my pyjamas to retreive them. 

Fay is always there at the end of the phone to answer any "doggy" questions.  

Samoyeds are very special dogs, they are so loving and such easy going creatures.

They sometimes think they are humans too.

Judy Crouch
Montmorency, Vic

Samoyed Puppies

It seems I was always destined to have Samoyeds in my life. My Father’s wedding gift to my Mum was a Samoyed puppy.

We grew up with a variety of dogs, but my Mum's love of the Spitz breeds rubbed off on me. Fast forward 20 plus years and my partner, Greig, and I were on the search for a puppy to join our family.

Already having a Siberian Husky and three children my main considerations in choosing our new dog were that it had to be fantastic with the children, it had to be a Spitz and it had to have a great sense of humour and be loads of fun to deal with our naughty Sibe and the energetic kids.

We met Fay (and her dogs) and soon after acquired our first Samoyed, the Beautiful Bundy.

Four years later we are lucky enough to have another three Samoyeds sharing our lives from "Aldonza", Kami, Fergus and Kato (plus Bundy & the naughty Sibe of course)

We go to Dog Show most weekends, as a family hobby, and have been very successful in the Show Ring. (including a few "Best Exhibits in Show"................great fun!!!)

Mum now has an Aldonza Samoyed of her own.  She is a lovely, retired Show Champion "Elle" They share lots of good times together.

Greg and I are currently training Bundy and Kami for their Endurance titles.........a good way to exercise us all. 

Fay has been an amazing mentor and a true friend. We would not have been as successful as we have been had it not been for her knowledge and support.

We have made many fantastic friends in the "Samoyed World " but first and foremost our Samoyeds are an important  part of our family and  very, very much loved.

Jenny Ockenden.
Warburton Vic.

Margarite Frost & her Aust.Ch.Aldonza Spirit Of The Tiger (Tai)

Margarite Frost & her Aust.Ch.Aldonza Spirit Of The Tiger (Tai)

A big thank you, Margarite, for all your encouragement in getting this web site completed.

Fay Tucker

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